LaRia and Trystan

How We Met

Trystan and I met at a Wine Down Wednesday event in Charlotte, NC thru a mutual friend in 2018. Our banter hit it off immediately but neither of us made a move. We connected again about a month later and he finally got the nerve to ask for my number. As the old adage goes, the rest is history.

How They Asked

In September, Trystan texted me and said: “block your calendar off for Feb 7-16 for an international trip”. I was immediately geeked. We started planning where we’d go and what we’d do. He knows I love a camera so he threw out the option of us doing a photoshoot. Immediately, I was game. I told my best friend I needed some tips in makeup application because I wanted to make sure I looked top notch. We arrived in Paris early morning Feb 8, and we were exhausted. After breakfast, we took a nap so we’d be a little more rested before the shoot. Once we arrived at our designated location to meet the photographer we started the session and in the middle of it, Trystan tells me to turn around and that the photographer would be taking pictures of me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

In my mind, I was thinking, “what the world is he doing?” He comes up to hand me 2 cards (I have a weakness for cards). The cards are labeled 1 & 2. I thought about reading card #2 first but figured I’d read them in their respective order. Inside the first card, Trystan had eloquently written his feelings about the impact I’ve had in his life. I started tearing up and then started opening card #2. I instantly burst into laughter when I opened it. The card reads ” I don’t know what’s brighter. The ring on your finger or the smile on your face”.

LaRia and Trystan's Engagement in Paris, France

I was so tickled. Of course, I then turned around to find Trystan on one knee and I was crying/laughing. As he proposed I had the immense feeling of peace. I’ve known for a while that he’d one day be my husband and I’m looking forward to the day when it’s official.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

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