LaRen and Brooks

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Zona Rosa, Kansas City, MO

How We Met

We met while we were working at Sonic in the summer of 2015. I was not very fond of him when we first met. Pushing my buttons was his favorite hobby. He would throw ice down my shirt, and put ketchup in my Cherry Limeade’s. I was in a relationship at the time and we were going through a rough patch. After awhile I found myself going to Brooks when I needed a shoulder to cry on or consoling. When my boyfriend and I broke up, Brooks was there to comfort me and make sure I was okay. Almost every night, he would pick me up and we would drive around for hours talking and listening to music. After many dates, I finally convinced him not to throw ice down my shirt anymore. Then, I agreed to be his girlfriend! The rest is history…

how they asked

Brooks had me convinced that on November 22nd we were meeting all of his friends and their girlfriends for Friends-giving at Granite City in Zona Rosa. The night before,he helped me pick out what to wear for a friends-giving, I had no idea I would getting proposed to. When he walked into my job to pick me up, he was wearing slacks, a tucked in button-up and a bow tie. I started freaking out in secret to my boss, Emily. “He never wears bow ties! Why is he so dressed up?! He knew what I was wearing!” Then, during the car ride, he kept saying his stomach hurt because he was anxious to see his friends. He is never anxious to see his friends. We arrived at Zona and started walking, and I got so excited about all the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree! As we got closer to the tree, he looked at me and said “So, I have a present for you. I need you to close your eyes.” I closed my eyes and starting murmuring “Oh my gosh,” under my breath over and over. I heard all the footsteps of people getting closer. He told me to open my eyes and he handed me a piece of paper that read “Now I can die a happy man, Whats mine is yours forever, look around.” When I looked up, all of our friends and family were there! After a million tears and pictures, we did end up going to dinner at Granite City. It went by so fast and was so magical…

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