Lara and Justin

I was invited by friends while at the entrepreneur event Summit at Sea to a private island off the coast of Honduras for New Years Eve, where my future fiance was hosting a curated gathering of people. I was the only person that was invited that he had not met, so I was the wild card. The first day we stayed up talking for hours, and by the second day we couldn’t be without each other, and now we are getting married June 2019.

The Packed Perfectly penguin proposal video was shot in Ushuaia Argentina, also called the end of the world. It is the last stop before Antarctica on the tip of South America. There is a small island off the coast called Isla Martillo, home to a penguin colony. I decided to book a tour of the penguin colony with my boyfriend Justin Oltz and best friend Justin Labaw and dress everyone up in penguin onesies for New Year’s Eve because that was literally the most random thing I could think to do on NYE. Justin told me he wanted to do a video for our travel magazine Packed Perfectly, so the video depicts what I thought was a trial run for a promotional video on Ushuaia, as Justin was on script. I didn’t realize he was proposing until he said my name. Then I popped to attention, still in disbelief, as I even forgot to say yes. The penguins appeared to approve, and we spent the rest of the month traveling through the incredibly stunning Patagonia.

Our Video

Special Thanks

justin Labaw
 | Is my best friend who came with us and shot the video