Lara and Joshua

How We Met

I had just been broken up with less than 24 hours before. I went to the gym to that morning (to get out all the frustration!!) but I was too emotional to continue working out. As I left the gym, I decided to go visit some family that were at my nearby church so that I had some close people to look after me. I walked in, totally crying, in my gym clothes, sweaty, no make up, red face and all… and this was the first moment he saw me. For whatever unknown reason, even as I looked like that, he noticed me and smiled. We didn’t officially meet until a week later at our church young adults connect group but hit it off straight away. We spent months becoming best friends to form a solid foundation for our relationship.

how they asked

He had an over the top plan to match his over the top personality. He spent months listening to all the things I loved about proposals (I watched many proposal videos) to gather all the information he could. He had more than 20 people directly involved working out a way to pull it all off. He was going to do it at the end of a church service in front of all our friends and family. He had a video that he spent ages on that was going to play… he would then excuse himself (to go and change). At the end he would run in, in a suit (which would match the ending of the video) and take me up on stage. He would then sing me our favourite song together (Angel – Casting Crowns) and then I would turn around to find 15 of our friends with the letters ‘Will You Marry Me?’ each on a t-shirt. Then he would go on to propose with everyone there. But he didn’t end up doing this. Despite the months of effort he put in to organise everything, he didn’t like that the proposal was becoming more about ‘the show’ or the story to tell. In the end, he wanted it to be just about us. It got to a stage where he couldn’t wait any longer so decided to do it on spur of the moment. He took us on our favourite date, we would go get ice-cream and walk along the Yarra River in Warrandyte. It was a beautiful day in a gorgeous setting. He showed me the initial video he had made and explained what he originally planned on doing. He sung me Angel at the top of his voice (with anyone walking by stopping and staring) and then got down on one knee and asked. I was relived in the end that it was an intimate proposal, just about the two of us. I probably would have died of embarrassment, had he have done it in front of hundreds of people. It was perfect for me because he was willing to throw away all the plans he had made because being with me as soon as possible was more important to him than that. He hid a camera in a tree to film the whole thing.

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