Lara and Danilo

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monte Verde, MG - Brasil

How We Met

Dan and I worked at the UOL portal where we met. I still remember the first time he spoke to me and the question he asked me without knowing me: “Hey, are you going to the Lollapalooza festival?” I confess that at first, I found the approach strange, but the conversation flowed in such a unique and special way that we couldn’t stop. After that, every day we talked, we met until he became my best friend.

How They Asked

The marriage proposal was incredible. Dan and I always like to travel, go to shows/festivals, visit new places, feel the sea breeze and go hiking. And as he said, the request could not happen in a place far from the things that inspire us.

Where to Propose in Monte Verde, MG - Brasil

So he booked a trip to Monte Verde – MG and on the first day we were there we went on a trail, the trail I can say was one of the most difficult to conclude because the altitude and tiredness were already hitting, but he always encouraged me and he helped me saying that we were already arriving and that there was nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset from above, so we continued and when we arrived he was right because there was nothing more beautiful. Until the moment I was taking pictures when I turned to talk to him and he was on his knees crying and making the request: “Do you accept being my hiker forever?”

At the time I was speechless and could not stop crying, because it was the most beautiful moment of my life.

Special Thanks

Danilo Freitas
 | My fiance programmed the camera to take the picture of the order without me seeing