Lara and Brian

Lara's Proposal in Seven Presidents Beach, Long Branch, NJ

How We Met

Even though we met in elementary school, we really got to know each other in high school. We both joined the marching band our freshmen years. Brian played the saxophone and I played the euphonium, which is like a mini tuba!

We also had the same teacher for Geometry. I had the class first period, so Brian would ask me how the tests were for when he took them later in the day. I, of course, would help Brian with test answers especially because I thought he had such dreamy eyes.

A year later, we both volunteered to help line the field for marching band. We would get to the field early and started spending more time together. Soon after, we started going to a local pizza place for a bite and go for walks before band practice.

For our first date, we went to the movies. But now neither of us can remember which movie we saw! After the movie, we talked some more and he drove me home.

A few days later Brian asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history! Little did I know that almost 10 years later Brian would ask me to be his wife!

how they asked

When we don’t have plans on the weekend in the summer, we usually try to go to the beach. However, on this day, we had to take care of the car since it had a flat tire. We went to Walmart on the way to the beach to get the tires changed. It took longer than normal and Brian was getting antsy. He wanted to leave, but since I had a discount I insisted we stay and suggested that we go to the beach the next day.

After a few hours, we were back on the road to our favorite beach. Brian wanted to go on a walk, but I wanted to sit and read my book. My knee was also bothering me from standing in Walmart all morning! Finally Brian convinced me to take a short walk near the water.

On our walk Brian started asking me how long we’ve been going to this this beach. He started talking about our past and present, then I immediately knew. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The few people on the beach applauded as he put the ring on my hand. I tried to start calling her family members, but Brian said we had to leave quickly. It ended up that both of our families were waiting for us at Brian’s parent’s house. The next day we visited as many family members as we could and surprised them with the news.

The funniest part is that Brian ended up getting the flat tire driving to pick up the ring from the jeweler!