LaQuana and Glover

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Clinton,SC

How We Met

We meet almost 7 years ago! I was a rising senior in high school set to graduate (2012) and he just graduated in (2011). The summer of 2011 I was completing a summer work program with his sister who was an intern at the job I was assigned to for the summer. We became pretty close. One day she told I am going to hook you up with my brother. He needs someone like you. We started texting the same day. A few days we meet for the first time. He picked me up after work and took me to Wild Wings Cafe. At first i thought he is weird but super cute. Lol we continued to talk for a few months and that same year August we began dating. A few years later we had our son who is about to 4 next March. So it’s been six long years of pure love and happiness. I always say we balance each other out! No one ever thought we would be dating for so long! But we proved them wrong.

how they asked

It was Christmas Morning. We just finished opening up our son’s gift. He kept saying this is the best Christmas ever! I am like yea it is. Lol (weird he never says things like that). He kept saying I love you so much you know that. (he is not all mushy gushy) so I am thinking where is he going with this lol. So needless to say he was very nervous. So it didn’t happen after gifts. So after we got ready we stopped by his dads and as my son and his grandma went outside he held my finger and said I love you! I’m like Allen (his middle name) I love you too babe! He help the ring finger and then BOOM! His dad and my son came back in the house. NOTHING HAPPENED. So as we left we drove to Clinton which is where his mom lives. He kept saying I love you so much! An of course I say it back. So once we are at his moms house for like 2 house. He says Quana let’s go outside. I’m like it’s cold but I go of course (because this what he could’ve been wanting to tell me the whole day) he kept saying I’m nervous I’m like of what? I told him stop being chicken and be a fighting Gamecock (we are University of South Carolina Graduates). Lol so he kept saying let’s try December 31st I’m like okay you fustrating me now. Lol. So as I walk away he pulls my hand back and gets down on one knee ( we are outside on his moms porch … the rest of the family inside) he says “Quana I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you marry me?” I’m like of course! As I hop up down crying and screaming”! We kissed an now we a here. I always told him I want him to propose to me in private so no one could kill our moment.. after all I waited 6 years & 4 months for this moment but who’s counting. He is a man who excutes confidence so it was cute to see him being so romantic for me❤️ And now we are planning a wedding.

LaQuana's Proposal in Clinton,SC