Lani and Zach

Image 1 of Lani and Zach

How we met

We met on the very first day of our freshman year at James Madison University. Since we were both part of the JMU Marching Royal Dukes and had moved into our dorm early, we were the only two people on the floor. We became friends almost immediately, and the rest is history. We’ve been laughing, hiking, cooking, eating, and traveling the world together for nearly seven years.

Image 2 of Lani and Zach

how they asked

Zach has always been a big fan of surprising Lani with scavenger hunts, though they’d always ended in cake or presents, not an engagement ring. While Lani was away on a weekend trip, Zach created a scavenger hunt out of his favorite pictures of them throughout the years.

Image 3 of Lani and Zach

The final clue was a Ferrero Rocher (Lani’s favorite chocolate) hidden in a ring box with a note reading: “turn around, please.” Zach was waiting on one knee with the ring and popped the question. Afterwards, Zach whipped up a delicious steak dinner, complete with a great bottle of wine and Lani’s favorite gelato.

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