Langlie and David Morgan

How We Met

David and I met in college my freshman year and his sophomore year. My sister Chelsea was my roommate in the campus dorms and was talking to one of the football players, Christian. Christian invited her to come to one of his intramural basketball games to watch and hang out afterward so she came to me and asked if I would go with her and be her buddy. She then sweetened the deal by telling me that one of Christians friends had been asking about me and wanted to meet. I tagged along with her to the game and was anxiously wondering which friend was the one who had asked about me. Chelsea then pointed to David. David is a big guy, he’s 6,5” and until recently had long crazy hair and was obsessed with turning his sleeves into headbands…. ? My first impression was wait which one!?!? She pointed to him again and said just wait till you meet him, his personality is infectious and you can’t help but love him. And boy was she right, he’s the sweetest, silliest, most captivating person I’ve ever met. After the game, the four of us went to watch a movie and I was hooked at the start of him playing footsie. ? Chelsea and Christian got married last year and are the most adorable lil married couple ever and David and I are engaged.. boy am I thankful for that intramural basketball game.

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How They Asked

David plays football for the Minnesota Vikings. This is our fourth year in Minnesota and we have truly grown to love it. Texas will always be home but we are damn lucky to have landed in Minnesota. Wayzata is one of our favorite towns and has some aaahhhmazing restaurants. The weekend started just like any other weekend for us during football season. My parents were in town his parents were here too and also his sister and her new fiancé were here to watch the game, or so I thought. David told me the night before that he had made reservations for all of us to go eat out at 6 Smith in Wayzata after the game and I thought that was a great idea. At dinner, we are totally normal everyone is having a casual conversation and just hanging out with each other. Davids sister Megan loves ice cream (my kinda girl) and down the street from the restaurant, there is a Ben and Jerry’s, I was also excited to walk the docs with our ice cream before the sun went down to show the family how pretty Wayzata is.

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We finish dinner and are walking towards the ice cream when we stumble upon this adorable little setup and someone says “oh let’s take some pictures here quick!!” And I immediately see that there are flowers and rose petals and say “oh no y’all we can’t be here!! This is someones set up!!!!” And Davids mom goes “no I don’t think so, either way, we will be quick” and I’m like “no guys we cannot be here this is like an anniversary or a proposal or something special and we’re going to ruin it!!” All while starting to walk the other way and I glimpse that there’s a photographer and told the crew like “guys there’s a photographer we’re not allowed to be here this is bad let’s go!” STILL, HAVE NO CLUE ITS FOR ME. Then Christine (Davids mom) goes Langlie just get over here.

Langlie and David Morgan's Engagement in Wayzata Minnesota

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Langlie's Proposal in Wayzata Minnesota

I start to walk and look over to my mom as mom, come on back me up here, and I see she has the sly sneaky lil smile on her face and I look over to my dad and see the biggest smile ever and then look back and Christine and Dave (David’s mom and dad) and see that Christine is crying already and I look straight at David and start crying and say “oh my god is it for me?” And he goes “it’s for you, babe.” I died.. see pictures below.? Once we got home David wouldn’t let me turn the lights on and when I walked in our entire apartment was decorated with balloons, bouquets of flowers, candles, champagne, sweet treats, chocolate covered strawberry’s literally everything romantic you could think of… I died again.

Once we popped open the champagne David sat me down on the couch and turned on the tv. He had just about every person who was important to us send in a video of congratulations and love and I. Was. Sobbing. Happy tears of course. I was completely and utterly shocked. No part of me was expecting a proposal during the start football season I thought for sure the soonest it would happen would be next offseason. He got me so so good and I couldn’t be happier.

Special Thanks

Nicole Marie
 | Photographer