Laney and Tyler

Image 2 of Laney and Tyler

How We Met

We met on a little app named Hinge on February 20, 2020. We talked for roughly a month and finally met on March 21. A couple of days later, the world shut down and we were quarantined together for a year! Within that year, we took multiple trips together, lived together, and experienced each other at our best and worst. If you can make it through a global pandemic together, nothing can break your bond.

We ultimately realized that we had crossed paths multiple times over the years and never realized it. Whether that be living a couple of blocks from each other, frequenting the same restaurants and bars on the same nights, going to the same concerts, etc. yet we had to meet on an app to fall in love.

How They Asked

We were starting to talk about our Valentine’s Day plans but we agreed to celebrate the weekend after to avoid crowds. We were supposed to go to some of our favorite places throughout the day and just enjoy each other but Tyler ended up having to work that morning. (YES his manager even knew that he was purposing that night!!) Tyler had made reservations at my favorite Italian restaurant so we got there a bit early, shared a bottle of wine and some lasagna.

Image 3 of Laney and Tyler

I knew something was going on since he barely touched his food. We then traveled over to the square and grab Beth Marie’s Ice Cream and he had to kill some time. We had finished dinner a lot sooner than he expected! Once we were done with our ice cream, he went to the “bathroom” but he actually had to call and make sure our friends and family were at Eastside – again stalling.

Image 1 of Laney and Tyler

He comes out, we walk by the car to “grab our jackets” and walk over to Eastside. He had reserved the side patio for us – he said that was my big surprise that evening! We sit down and he makes a toast to us and then drops to one knee! Don’t ask either of us what he said, both our hearts were racing. Our friends and family come pouring out to surprise me and we celebrate all night!

Image 4 of Laney and Tyler

Image 5 of Laney and Tyler

Special Thanks

Machala Brown
 | Photographer