Laney and Joshua

How They Asked

12-22-18, Joshua & I made 7 years and 9 months together. We are also in a long distance relationship. His sister planned a family Christmas brunch so both our families could celebrate together. I was in a rush; I had to wait to get my nails done, I had to rush home and get ready and drive two and a half hours to get to my destination. I was frustrated because I hate being late and also got caught in traffic.

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Fast forward to finally arriving at their house, as I walk to the front door, I see our closest friends and family lined up on the staircase and both our parents holding reefs that read “Will You Marry Me?” and I lost it because I was not expecting it at all! I covered my face filled with tears as Josh was on his knee asking me to marry him! Of course, I said YES!!! His sister then brings me upstairs to change into this beautiful sequence dress and from there we celebrated our engagement with our family ❤️ It felt like a dream!

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