Landry and Josh

how they asked

On a gorgeous Friday afternoon, Josh took Landry on a road tour around the campus of The University of Alabama, just like they used to in school. They would ride around in his Charger and reminisce on the good days of college. From The Quad to Bryant Denny Stadium to East Edge to finally the lawn, where Josh says, “We became us!” Landry lived in East Edge when she met Josh. It was across from the lawn of the Law School at Alabama. They would go over and make a little picnic on the lawn & talk for hours and hours. So that’s what he did. The driving around, the picnic, the whole 9 yards… except this time, the picnic ended a little differently. After about 30 minutes of picnicing, Josh grabbed her hand and brought her to a stand! Nervously, Josh told Landry how the last years have been the best and he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Josh got down on one knee & asked Landry to marry him! The best reaction from Landry brought me to tears while I was photographing! I am so glad I was able . to be a part of their love story from the beginning and now to continue it!

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Abbie Mae Photography
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