Landon and Daniel

Landon's Proposal in Signal Mountain, TN

How We Met

We were in college and I had this really cute boy in my class. I was too shy to talk to him at first so I would send my best friend Julia stalker pictures everywhere I saw him. It was also basketball intramurals at the school, and we both played so I had to stay and watch his games. Plus who doesn’t like watching a boy play basketball— SO FINE.


Ever since then, we just shared so many great and goofy memories together!




how they asked

I’m a very observant person so I was ready for Daniel to propose every single weekend but this one. I had my nails done for every weekend, and a cute outfit planned and I was just waiting for the day. But Daniel completely surprised me. He flew to Dallas for a couple of days, and I thought he was going to be there all weekend, but instead he flew back early with his family to surprise me. I LOVE golden doodles, so my cousin Alle told me we were going to meet a breeder up on Signal Mountain TN.

Instead of finding golden doodles, I was walking down the path when I started seeing a pathway of candles, and my cousin taking pictures. Then I saw Daniel walking towards me from behind the tree, and I started hearing the Dan and Shay song From the Ground Up and it was magical and I can barely remember anything else because I was dead.


This is me FaceTiming my best friend who lives in CA. Daniel made sure she was on FaceTime watching the whole thing, along with my family who was hiding. Tears of happiness! We had everything predicted of how our proposal was going to be since 5th grade. I predicted I wasn’t going to cry at my proposal, but instead we both cried!


Special Thanks

Amy Walters