Lance and Kayla

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How we Met

Lance’s side: We have known each other since we were kids, but we didn’t know each other very well. It was more of a… I know who you are because we go to the same school and church type of thing. Our love story begins in the fall of 2016. We had both moved back home after college graduation that summer and started attending the same church. I remember noticing Kayla and her style… she would sometimes wear these big hats to church. During those fall months, I would often catch myself looking through the crowd for her during the service just to get a quick glance! We then started hanging out in the same friend group and were serving as high school youth group leaders, and that meant seeing more of each other and getting to know each other as friends. We built our friendship for the next 6 months or so and then went on our first date in May of 2017!

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Kayla’s side: I’m honestly not exactly sure when we first “met” because we grew up around each other- same school, same churches, our family’s even switched to the same ones as we grew up. But, even so, I don’t have a single memory talking to Lance (except maybe from afar of him on the basketball court). I knew and talked to a lot of his good friends in high school, but never him. The first time Lance came into my world was when I was on my way home from the first college visit I heard about his accident. He became a part of my daily prayers. As time went on things would remind me of him, and throughout college, he would make his way back on my prayer list every so often when I was reminded of him.

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Then, after college when we both moved back home is when our love story started. We ended up going to the same church again, but this time he really caught my eye. There was something about Lance that drew me to him, at first just as a friend. I remember very vividly the day that changed, I was standing in one of my favorite antique stores and I see the top of a baseball cap cruise by a high window. Immediately realized it was Lance, and I don’t know my reason for doing this than beside the fact the Lord put it on my heart. I dropped everything I had in my hands and ran out and called his name. It must have been around Veterans Day because I remember American flags lined the streets. We talked for 30 minutes, and as I left I texted my best friend and said I think I really like Lance … we went on our first date 9 months later.

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how they asked

Lance’s side: I knew I wanted to propose in the house we were going to live in after we got married. We are in the middle of remodeling it and we always refer to it as our ‘forever house’, and I thought it was the best place to ask her to spend forever with me. New paint was on the remodel plans so I knew it was safe to write all over the walls. I had a lot of help from my mom and sister with the behind the scenes stuff. They put in a lot of time that morning getting everything set up. I think my sister painted the walls for almost 3 straight hours.

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My main goal was to make the moment one that Kayla would never forget. She loves design and detail, so I tried to get as ‘pinteresty’ as possible with the proposal (haha). I thought it would be special to have all those words be a part of our house and a part of the foundation of it. I pictured us sitting at the dinner table or in the living room years into our marriage, looking at the wall, and remembering what’s behind the paint.

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Kayla’s side: The morning of the proposal, I talked to two of my best friends and told them I thought it was happening that Friday! (It ended being that afternoon, Wednesday) I also told my co-worker as I left for my afternoon meetings that it was going to be Friday. The afternoon consisted of two meetings, one a client and then one at Lance’s House.

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We were supposed to meet the concrete contractor and his parents at the house for the meeting, he told me if my first meeting got done early that I needed to call him to see where we should meet. We met at his parents’ house and his mom was bringing the dog home from the vet and told us they would meet us over at the house, as we drove over to the house Lance said the contractor was running late and I didn’t think anything of it.

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During when we got to the house, he told me we should just go in and wait for everyone else that was late to the meeting. I walked in infront of Lance and there was writing all over the walls of the house, as a very visual person I was drawn in and wanted to read everything. And I think I said, “Lance are you serious? Is this really happening??” He told me to stop reading and come back to help him get up in the house because (there was a high threshold at the time, and he needed a little help up). I was smiling so big and kind of crying happy tears and everything he said was so special and I tried my best to stay calm so I could remember every second of it, and I actually really do.

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It was so perfect I couldn’t even imagine how I would be proposed to, and it was over the top amazing, all the words written on the walls of our forever home. It makes my heart so so full thinking about it. He knows me so well. After Completely overwhelmed in the best way, we celebrated with family and friends, and the rest of the week was such a blur. I tried to go back to the house a couple times before everything was demo-ed for our remodel and I got the same butterflies in my stomach every time I walked in and saw the walls. I’ll never forget that feeling.

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