Lance and Ashley

How We Met: Lance has been my best friend for about two years now and it has felt like my whole entire life…maybe because he is my whole life. Lance and I first met at a Snow College activity in a little town called, Ephraim. He was there to play football and I was there for nursing. A bunch of friends and I all met up at a showing of the Batman movie in the community college gym and as we all stood in a circle I saw this boy with long curly hair, very cute as I might add, smiling at me. I couldn’t help but smile back and we started talking in the middle of everyone about everything. We became best friends right off the back, always doing homework together, watching movies together, and talking about dates we went on. After awhile people would ask us if we were dating and we always denied it. Until we both realized how we couldn’t be away from each other and even though I said no to Lance multiple times, because I did not want to date at the time…after one thoughtful prayer I asked Lance out and we started dating. After a year and a half of growing together, loving each other, and never being apart from each other we started talking about marriage. It wasn’t until Lance surprised me with the biggest and cutest surprise that our whole future changed.

how they asked: On Sunday, February 8th, Lance apparently told my best friend Alexa to spend the day with me and she took me with her to church at her ward. It was fun being with her and she constantly brought up how excited she was to go to the Salt Lake Temple and jam with Lance and his cousins. Little did I know that she knew the whole time he was planning on proposing.

Later that night they arrived to the boys with a huge heart shapedImage 1 of Lance and Ashley on the floor with flower petals and Lance was funny enough to say “wow, did you see this? Someone just left this here!” Ha! Yeah right. We all sat down and Lance told me to sit in the high chair, telling me how I was the boss and making me feel all special. As we all sat there, awkward, I kept laughing, because I was anxious to what exactly we were doing. In my head I kept repeating over and over “Is this the day? Is this the moment? Is Lance proposing? No…he couldn’t be.” Lance continued to ask me what song I wanted to sing and as I thought of multiple songs I just replied with a “umm, idk, what can you play?” Lance said, “Well, let’s ask them.” Right then and there, from the corner of my eye, I saw my mom with a bouquet of colored roses, my whole family, and Lance’s family walk toward me and all sit down. I even noticed little cameras all around me and sort of got embarrassed for a little second until Lance started singing the MOST BEAUTIFUL song I have ever heard. As he sang the song, I realized it was about us, meeting at Snow and falling in love. He continued to ask if I would say yes or no to eternal love and if I said no, it would be very embarrassing.

The lyrics of his beautiful song are: “So let me tell you real quick, just how I feel for her. So glad I got to get to really know her. Was down in on my knees to receive confirmation, Snow was the place, there was no hesitation. Listening to the spirit brought me to my girl, When I say my girl I mean my whole world. And that brings us all the way to today, I know it’s true the Lord works in mysterious ways. So devine a true laday. Eternal love, tell me what you say…And if you say no, well that’s embarrassing..Eternal love, tell me what do ya say?”

I loved it and was bawling and smiling my face off. I was so in shock and felt so much love for this man that I looked into the sky to see the place we would get sealed forever, the Salt Lake temple. When he finished the song I felt so shaky that it was finally happening and he got down on one knee, put out the red ring box, and asked, “Ashley, will you marry me?” OF COURSE I would say yes, but as I looked down I COULD NOT help but laugh, because it was turned upside down and the ring was hanging there about to fall out. I shaked my head ‘YES’, very lost of words, and was very happy and in love I got up and hugged my fiancé right away. It felt like no one was around us and we were the only two alive as we hugged, cried, laughed, and whispered I love you to each other. I have to say that day was probably the best day of my life so far and man, do I have a very talented and handsome future hubby. I am so grateful and so lucky.

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