Lanaya and Kenny

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How We Met

We met about six years ago at our job. We were great friends. We did everything together. Vacations, beach days, pool days, dinner, lunch. He was one of the best friends. We and all of our friends always knew there would be something more. There was. I am so glad I fell in love with him. It was and is so easy. A few of our friends said to Kenny that he was going to wind up marrying me.

how they asked

So we love Disney. We have annual passes, we go all the time. It was a typical day at Disney with our closest friends before we moved to Boston. It started out like any other Disney day. Everyone getting all their Disney gear, our bags packed since we were staying the night at a hotel nearby. My soon to be fiancé and I got in his car, this was moments after accidentally shutting my head in the trunk which I was not too happy about . We arrive at the hotel, get ourselves together and wait for our friends. They all show up, everyone knowing what was about to happen. My friend Sommer touched up my makeup because we would be taking a lot of pictures so I wanted to look nice since I did not know when we would all be at the parks together again. We are all annual passholders and we always go together. Of course when get to the park, it is HOT. We are all hungry. But the group insisted on taking lots of pictures, so I agreed (very hangry person I am). The Disney photographer had us do all sorts of pictures. Unknown to her what is about to happen, one of the girls suggests a girl photo. So while that is happening Kenny can get the ring ready. After that Kenny and I do a few pictures and while that is happening our friend Lexi is a professional photographer and she has her camera with her and she gets it out. Right as our couple pic was about to end, Kenny stood on Main Street in Disney World and said “so I love you very much” he grabs the ring, I’m panicking. I thought it was a joke, our friends are screaming, the crowds are gathering.

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Everyone has stopped what they are doing to see this moment. I had to keep making sure it wasn’t a trick. Through my tears and shock I said yes. It turns out all of our friends were in on it.

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Some even tricked me into thinking we had to change our fastpass times because they might not have been able to make it but Kenny had orchestrated it so everyone was able to make it at the same time and could be at Magic Kingdom together. We also had someone as we walk in sneak away to get I’m Celebrating pins. I was so shocked. So happy. So overwhelmed. It was truly a fairy tale. My mom had kept it a secret for 2 weeks. All of our coworkers and family knew. I am still so happy. We love Disney, we have had passes for five years and it was the perfect setting.It was literally what I thought a dream proposal was. Afterwards we all enjoyed the parks together, the happiness together and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be with. All these photos posted are NOT affiliated with a Disney photographer, these ones are all done by my fried Lexi. I don’t know how Disney feels about this one, just wanted to use a disclaimer.

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