Lanae and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met in a night class finishing up our degrees in September of 2017. The class was once a week for three hours and we both almost didn’t sign up for it since it ended past our bedtimes ha! About three weeks passed in the class before we finally spoke to each other. I was early to class one night and so was he, we saw each other but didn’t say hello. About five minutes later he popped his head back around the corner and we started talking, he ended up sitting next to me in class and we began the journey to getting to know each other & me talking his ear off about my love for Colorado. A week later we had a research paper due and I invited him to the library with me to complete it. To my surprise, he came and we spent 6 hours in the library talking and the rest was history. Ps. We didn’t get those papers done that day!

How They Asked

We flew to Colorado for a few days of R&R and cozied up in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Evergreen. The trip started with us driving up Squaw Pass to Echo Lake- this was our second time back at the lake and it was even more stunning this time. It was covered in snow everywhere and we took a walk around the lake and a few trails off the beaten pathway… in some spots the snow was waist deep so we had to turn around. About 30 minutes into exploring Cody kept saying that we need to find a couple who can take a picture of us! I didn’t think much of it but I was confused as to why we just couldn’t take our own selfie. God must’ve placed the perfect older couple in our pathway, Cody pulled them aside and we started talking to them about the area and he asked if they could take a “video” of us so he could go back later and screenshot pictures of it.

Proposal Ideas Evergreen, Colorado

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Evergreen, Colorado

I was still not picking up on what was about to happen! We posed for the video and the next thing I know he drops to one knee and says the most beautiful & sweet words while asking me to marry him. I said YES of course! It was such a magical moment as we were surrounded by mountains, snow-covered evergreen trees and just the quietness of nature! I jumped into his arms as we shared a few moments soaking in the excitement of our new journey awaiting. We introduced ourselves to the couple and they were crying with joy for us. They were married for 35 years and told us that was a moment they’d never forget! It certainly is a moment Cody & I will never forget! Colorado is one of our favorite places and now it holds the most special place in both our hearts.