Lana and Pete

How We Met

Pete and I met on January 10, 2015, at a house party. I was just looking for a guy friend to hang out and talk to nothing serious. But Pete has other plans, he came around the hallway and shook my hand with the weirdest smile ever that I thought was so creepy! I tried to ditch him but he, unfortunately, kept coming back. A bunch of us left the house to go to the bar and I thought perfect! I can ditch him to my friend. No, he came over with a drink for me and next thing I know we are hanging out for the night laughing and have a good time.

How They Asked

Our 5 year anniversary was on February 6th, 2020. We normally go away every year for our anniversary and this year I didn’t want to since we have a big trip in April. But we found cheap tickets to Nashville which was where we had our very very first vacation together on a 1 year and I went back and forth about going but finally said alright let’s do it! So we book them. I was so sure this would be another trip that he wanted to ask & have an excuse for why he couldn’t. So in my head, I was so sure and so upset. We get to Nashville on February 15th super late so we just go right to sleep. February 16th we had brunch and then catch an Uber to the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge again not thinking about it would want. We are walking up to the bridge and he’s smiling and laughing. So we take a selfie and then ask this amazing lovely lady if she could take a picture of us. Next thing I know, he’s reaching in his pocket and he’s on one knee!