Lan and Nicholas

How We Met

Like many stories nowadays, Nick and I first met through an online dating website. We were both coming out of long term relationships and weren’t quite sure what to expect. As we talked more and more, we realized that we had a lot in common with each other. Our short conversations turned into long conversations, but the thing that sealed the deal for a first date was a bond over Game of Thrones, of course. I wish I could say that it was smooth sailing from there on out, but he actually cancelled the first date on me! He asked if I could reschedule to a different day. Like many girls, I thought about just moving on, but a look back at our previous phone conversations made me think that he would be a great person to get to know. Luckily, I agreed to move our first date to May 25, 2016.

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It’s funny, we both came into the date with low expectations despite our great conversations. After all, we were just getting back into the dating world. We decided to play mini golf in town and maybe grab an ice cream if things were going well. I remember picking him up at his house and he was pretending to do something “manly” (cleaning the pool). We introduced ourselves with a hug and I could tell there was instant chemistry. When we arrived at the mini golf place, I remember buying Nick one of those children tattoos of a bull with a nose piercing. As it turns out, he ended up wearing the tattoo on our second date as a joke. We played a round of mini golf and we ended up grabbing ice cream.

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I expected the date to end at that point, but he asked if I wanted to go grab drinks at a local bar. We ended up grabbing drinks at this local bar, and then ended up going to another restaurant to grab dinner and more drinks. What we both expected to be a 1-2 hour date turned into an 8 hour date. The rest is history. There was so much chemistry that we saw each other pretty much every day from that point forward. We both knew that we met someone special. We quickly fell in love with each other and perhaps more importantly, we had become each others best friend on top of it.

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We decided to go out to Newport RI August 6, 2017 to celebrate his birthday. That morning we went to Corner Cafe and walked the Newport mansions.

We both found a spot in a private park to sit and relax and he popped the questioned!

His brother, Chad, surprised us and drove two hours to the park to capture the moment!

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