Lamone and Marcus

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Forever 112 is a tattoo that is on both of their wrist representing their birthdays. Lamone’s birthday is 1/12 and Marcus’s birthday is 11/2. It is said that when couples are around them the couple embraces the love that first brought them together. If you have never met a cupid then pay attention to these two. This is the beginning to this non-fictional love fairy tale. So open your eyes and ears and enjoy.

Lamone and Marcus met at Virginia State University in 2007 while joining the Betterment of Brothers and Sisters Organization their freshman year. From that point on they knew that God destined them to be together. Marcus was amazed how beautiful she was and knew that she would be his Queen. After Lamone played hard to get and Marcus finally built up enough courage, he asked her out. They started dating for a couple of months at the end of their freshman year but decided to part ways over the summer. The two wondered about what the other was doing from time to time but were too stubborn to reach out. But as the saying goes, “If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be”. That is exactly what happened.

A year and a half and many lessons later, Lamone and Marcus started dating again on March 26, 2009 of their junior year. They have celebrated that date as their anniversary for the last six years. After the two graduated they maintained a long distance relationship for two years which was very hard. Both of them took turns traveling to see the other. Marcus traveled to New York to see Lamone, and Lamone came down to DC to see Marcus. Marcus decided to join the Navy Reserves and their distance spread further and their hearts grew fonder. It was if their lives were going in separate directions, but the love that they shared never wavered. Marcus wrote to Lamone every chance he had when he was in boot camp in Great Lakes, IL and she kept a diary and sent him letters everyday as well. But then distance reared its ugly head again. Marcus had to travel all the way to San Diego, CA for Navy A-School. The determined couple would not let anything defeat their love. Lamone came to Marcus’s Navy graduation in the cold weather of Illinois. Then she made a trip to visit him in the sunny San Diego weather for a week. Dedication was the key to their relationship although they had their hardships like every other relationship. But their love always prevailed.

After finishing A-School the two thought it was a good idea to move in with each other because the heartache of leaving after each visit was becoming overwhelming. So Marcus moved to Yonkers, New York with Lamone. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. So once again Lamone and Marcus were long distance. Lamone still in NY and Marcus back in VA. They knew what they had was different and special. So again the young couple decided to move in together but this time Lamone would come down to MD. This established the final test to see if the two were ready to truly love for the rest of their lives.

Marcus doesn’t have any sisters so never lived with any females except for his Mother of course. Lamone doesn’t have any brothers and never lived with any males except her Father of course. But this was different and they learned so much about each other that they didn’t know before. But as they went through their trials and tribulations instead of growing apart they grew stronger and wiser. One apartment together turned into two apartments together. And at this time the couple knew it was time for the next step.

So Marcus thought about his future Queen long and hard. He knew he would never be complete without her, but more importantly they knew that to become complete they needed a spiritual approval under God. So on May 8th, 2015 after some months of planning and saving Marcus invited Lamone’s family and friends down from New York to surprise her. He had a friend stall her for a couple of hours as friends, family, and other spectators that were magnetized to these cupids love, gathered at the Georgetown Waterfront at Sequioa. Friends and family held pink roses and gave it to Lamone as she walked down a staircase. The weather was slightly breezy but Lamone looked stunning. Marcus met her as she reached the level floor of the staircase and got on one knee to ask her “Will you marry me?” With tears in her eyes and the look of adoration on her face, she smiled, shook her head and replied “Yes!”

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