Lala and Got


We had planned this snowboard trip since Sep 2014 but the trip was in March 2015. There was 18 friends who joining the trip and I had no clue what’s gonna happen. After the first day on the slope, I had shower and went to another villa (2 villas for 18 persons) for drinking with everybody. He came for the door and we walked up to the 2nd floor and then …. the first thing I saw was our friends lined up wearing the shirt saying “Will you marry me?”. My eyes fulled of tears. We walked in the middle of the candle-heart and he got on his knee and saying something that I didn’t really listen as my heart was pounding and my eyes balled. Eventually, he asked “Will you marry me?”…Of course I said “YES”. That was the most romantic proposal I could have asked for.

The reason why he chose Japan because he wish us to go back snowboarding there every year.