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How We Met

Eastin and I are high school sweethearts who have been together for nearly 5 years. We both graduated from Rose Hill High School in 2012 where we attended school together since 2nd grade. It was in the 7th grade that our friendship really began. Eastin and his buddies spent countless nights in my basement watching scary movies, eating my mom’s homemade goodies, and just hanging out. For the next three years their faces were definitely a familiar sight around my house, my parents becoming accustomed to hosting the get togethers most weekends. Our freshman year of high school Eastin and I decided to go to the fall homecoming together, but our romance was short-lived deciding we worked much better as friends.

It wasn’t until the beginning of our senior year that we would reconsider this decision. We began offically dating in October after a little (or a lot) of efforts from Eastin to reel me in, we became inseparable. In May of 2012, Eastin gave me a promise ring, promising me that I was “the one,” and symbolizing his commitment to our relationship. We remained inseparable as we bounced between Butler, Friends, and Wichita State always remaining close to home and close to each other. In August of 2013 we got our sweet puppy Minnie Mae who continues to have “split custody” between our houses, haha! She is excited for her mom and dad to finally live together so she doesn’t have to share anymore.

Eastin and I will graduate from Wichita State University in December of 2016. Eastin will graduate with his Bachelors in Finance with a minor is Business Management. And I will graduate with my Bachelors in ECU a triple major degree of early childhood, special education, and elementary education. We plan to stay close to home where we can start a family near all of our own family! Thanks for all of your support, and we cant wait to see you on our big day June 3rd, 2017.

how they asked

What was supposed to be a spring break girl’s trip to Disney World quickly turned in to something much more! We arrived at the happiest place on earth Friday evening where we dashed off to Down Town Disney. Saturday bright and early we headed off to our all time favorite park Magic Kingdom, where little did I know two days later I would be saying “yes” to my Prince Charming. Another magical day at Disney World took place on Sunday as we park hopped from Hollywood Studios to Epcot. The trip was perfect, we were all having a blast and I couldn’t imagine it getting any better than it already was, I mean heck, we were at the happiest place on earth!

I hopped out of bed Monday morning with no idea that it was going to be one of the biggest days of my life. We parked hopped from Animal Kingdom over to Magic Kingdom where my dad and soon to be fiancé were hiding amongst the crowd on Main Street USA. Kynnedy demanded that we take a picture in front of the castle, despite the 90+ degree weather and our need for some Mickey shaped snacks we stopped anyways. We had never seen a photo pass person (photo pass people are strategically placed around Disney World in good photo locations, where you can get your picture taken in those locations then scan your magic band, and have the photos on your my Disney account to download) in this location before, but Kynnedy and my mom knew exactly why he was there in that spot. We stopped to get our picture taken, I closed my eyes for a moment to give my eyes a break from the sun and when I opened them, I saw him! Shocked, confused, and unable to process what was happening the only words I could get out of my mouth were “what the heck?” He started walking towards me, and still unable to process what was happening I hugged him in total bliss that he was actually there with me. When he stepped back, and I saw his face I instantly knew what was about to happen.

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Teary eyed, shaky handed, and smiling ear to ear, he got down on one knee and popped the big question. And of course, I SAID YES! The big moment did not go without tears from me and my family, cheers from the crowd, and of course the magical atmosphere of Disney with Cinderella’s castle only feet behind me. Eastin had the whole thing photographed in a spot that he picked himself to propose.

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Later that night Eastin planned a Fairytale Dessert Cruise for just him and I, fairy tales and dessert, my two favorite things! It wrapped up a truly magical day. A Disney World proposal is something I always have dreamed of, but to have a man who could make that dream come true, he is truly my Prince Charming!

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