Laken and Cory

How We Met: We met when I was 13 and he was 15, we went to the same high school in Florida. He had actually dated a girl I was friends with, but I thought he was absolutely adorable, so once they ended things I jumped at my chance to snatch him up. Let me tell you, I fell for him instantly. & I thought he had fallen for me too, but guess what…only a few months later he got a new girlfriend! Well, there goes my chance. I was so mad! I tried so hard to hate him but he was so cute! A few more months passed and my family decided to move back to my hometown in Alabama, so I moved away & vowed I wasn’t talking to him ever again. Two years passed…TWO YEARS, and one day he followed me on Instagram. Of course, we came back together through social media. So he followed me on Instagram, and of course being my curious self I had to see what he was up to. I scrolled through his page & saw that he had joined the Marine Corps AND he & his girlfriend had just broken up. Wait…so I had another chance? I can’t even explain how excited I was! So not only all of that, but he was also being sent back to Florida with the Marine Corps. He was being sent to the base an hour away from where I was living. So I jumped at my chance again. I went out on a limb & texted the number I remembered he had in high school, and within a few minutes he replied. Yes, same number after all that time. We began talking & catching up, & within a few days it turned into FaceTime calls that were hours long & staying up all night just because I couldn’t hang up the phone. So of course I HAD to visit him! He had decided he wanted to get a tattoo with his roommate at a tattoo parlor in town, so I had a plan. He thought I was working, but really I was on my way to him. I showed up at the tattoo parlor early that morning and called him. “So what would you do if I was outside right now?” “You aren’t. Are you? Are you?! No way…” Out the doors he came with the biggest smile on his face & gave me the tightest hug in the world. This was the first time seeing each other in over two years, & just like I imagined, I was still crazy about him. I sat there for TEN hours that day while he got that tattoo. Holding his hand and just talking all day. After that, the visits became almost every day. I would get off work, change clothes in my car, & rush to base to visit him. A few weeks later, we started dating, but just a month after that he was off to a new station & I was stuck behind in Florida…

how they asked: After his schooling at his new station, he was allowed to take a little leave before going to the fleet. He flew down to Florida to visit me & I thought there was no way I could get any happier. Little did I know, just a few days later I would be engaged to the greatest man I’ve ever met. While he was visiting I knew I wanted to have a few nicer pictures taken of us. The only pictures we had together were silly selfies! My best friend offered to take the pictures and I was so excited! Friday night, November 14, 2014, we went back onto the land behind my house right as the sun was about to set & started taking the pictures. It was FREEZING & I was ready to get things over with after only a few photos, but they insisted we keep taking more. After a few shots at several different places on this land, we walked over to a spot where there was a small clearing with trees on either side. She snapped a few more pictures & before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. I have never seen him shake so much in my life! & I’ve never been so happy in my life.

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