Megan and Kevin's Lake Como Marriage Proposal

How we met: Our paths crossed through our career working for the Tom James Company as haberdashers. We have the pleasure of providing some of the finest custom tailored clothing to successful business men and women. I was working in west Texas and Kevin in the New England area. We dated long distance for 6 months until we realized we couldn’t stand being apart and for almost 5 years we have not been apart longer than 12 hours. We work together day in and day out. I will be willing to bet there is not a team out there better than “The Harris Team”. One of the first times he flew me to Boston, Kevin gave me a David Yurman “peace” ring and told me the only thing that he asked of me is to bring peace to his life.

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how they asked: It was a complete surprise…In the most romantic setting I have ever been a part of, like a Once upon a time kind of beginning…

The two of us had just arrived in Lake Como, Italy that day. We had wondered around Bellagio earlier that morning and it was raining. Just going about our little adventures as usual we decided to stop in a waterfront bistro and have a glass of wine on the covered patio. We began discussing what we would like to do. Small planes were flying over and there were a few beautiful, wooden, Italian boats that would take you around the lake. I really wanted to go out on the water to see the breath taking views.

After it stopped raining, Kevin asked an Italian gentleman to take us on the lake in his private boat for an hour. As we were passing by the beautiful gardens, taking in everything, Kevin said, “Let’s play a game and just say yes or no.” We do this often so I really didn’t think anything of it. Just being playful… He asked, “Will you be the stars to my stripes?” We are both very patriotic. “Yes.” I replied. “Will you be the peanut butter to my rice cakes?” That is his favorite snack. “Yes.” I replied. This is a new one, “Will you be the onion dip to my potato chip?” I laugh, because I have recently become addicted. “Yes.” Like a true salesman he got me to say 3 YES’s before closing the deal. Then he asked, “Will you have me for the rest of your life?” He then reached in his pocket and began to get down on his knee.

So many emotions were going through me and I looked around to take in everything to see exactly where we were on the lake. It is etched in my mind. Kevin, on his knee asked me, “Will you marry me?” My exact words, “Oh my gosh, you are for real, you are for real, this is real!” “Yes, absolutely, of course!” I could not take my eye off of my ring the rest of the day. We spent the rest of our evening and night at the Villa d’Este! It was Heaven on Earth, and we were treated like royalty. How could I not say YES! I am so blessed to be marrying this amazing man. October 24, 2015

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