Ladan and Brad

Image 1 of Ladan and Brad

How We Met

My husband, Brad and I met on August 25, 2012 through a online date…the last place I thought I could meet “the one”. One of my best friends said to join this site and we could just “have fun with it” and see where it goes. Well, a few weeks in and I met Brad. We met on a Saturday, didn’t think our date would last longer than an hour or two as it was our first time meeting in person…6 hours later we were still hitting it off!

how they asked

We were celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the day we met and went to Niagara-on-the-lake as it’s one of the most romantic locals. We had dinner at a restaurant and he wanted to go for a walk through their garden in the back, but I thought it would be too dark out to see anything in the garden…Little did I know he had a gazebo lit up and a photographer waiting to take our pictures as he was about to propose!

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