Lacy and Tyler

how we met

So we’ve known each other for four years and we met through church. We also knew of each other through mutual friends and homeschool activities but we never really hung out until January of 2018. We had both gone through some hard times and we just happened to be there for each other and we both needed a friend and one thing led to another and now we’re about to be married.

how they asked

After asking Lacy’s father for his blessing, I wasted no time in having a ring made. While I waited for the ring to be delivered, I worked on a rather elaborate proposal plan (which oddly enough didn’t end up being at all how I proposed.) When the ring finally arrived, I decided to scrap my elaborate plan in favor of something just slightly more intimate. It was Saturday September 7th, 2019 and it was still 100+ degrees in Austin Texas so Lacy and I took a trip to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Unbeknownst to Lacy, I was planning to propose that evening when she least expected. We wrapped up our day and headed home to change clothes and get ready for dinner. I decided to take Lacy out for Mexican food, her favorite, while my family set up behind the scenes. Dinner was fantastic, we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and some great food. When it was over, I suggested we take dessert to go. Lacy did not object and so we headed back to my house. I pretended that my garage door opener had stopped working and shrugged “guess we will have to go through the front door.” The entire time, I was convinced that Lacy would know something was up. She never suspected a thing as was apparent by the onslaught of joyful tears that filled her eyes when she opened the door to find a trail of hundreds of candles leading back to the living room where the room was decorated, champagne was poured, and a little black box waited to be opened. I got down on one knee and before hardly a word was out of my mouth Lacy had said yes to making me the luckiest man on earth.

Special Thanks