Lacy and Trevor


How We Met: Trevor and I met during our senior year in high school.  We had English class together, and until that point I didn’t even know he went to my school.  We just hung around different groups, and our high school was huge.  Spring of senior year, he started hanging out with my group of friends, and started to be around me more and more.  Through a strange turn of events (our friends’ scheming) , we ended up going to senior prom together!   Trevor and I continued to grow closer as the school year came to a close.  On the starry spring night of May 16th, 2011, he was dropping me off at my parent’s house and we were saying good night in the driveway.  I started to walk inside and he told me to wait.  I turned around and saw Trevor down on one knee!  I was very confused and totally taken off guard since we had only been “talking” for about two months.  Well, he held out this ring box to me and was on one knee and told me to open it.  So I did.  There was a tiny piece of paper inside that read “Lacy, one day this will be a ring, but for now, will you be my girlfriend?”  I said yes.

how they asked: He kept his word.  On Tuesday, I said yes again!  My housemates (my dearest girlfriends) and I were on a girls trip to Charleston, South Carolina because everyone is about to move out.  We had the best time and wanted to do all the popular things that Charleston offers.  A few years ago on Pinterest (big surprise) I saw a picture of an outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful Spanish Moss draping these huge oak trees.  I looked into it, and the venue was called Magnolia Plantation in Charleston.  Ever since I saw that picture I’ve wanted to travel there myself.  When I finally put two and two together that we were going to Charleston aka home of MAGNOLIA PLANTATION I was just so excited and knew we had to spend some time there.

We arrived just after lunch time and spent a couple hours wandering around the colorful, dream-like gardens.  Man is it beautiful there.  Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t share something with you…I had a feeling.  A slight feeling that maybe/hopefully/please please please Trevor would magically show up there and propose to me.  Because seriously it is the most perfect place for a proposal.  I tried not to get my hopes up.  Soon enough, my friends and I ended up getting lost.  This happens quite often when we’re together.  About 15 minutes later we were back on track and the girls were talking about heading back in the direction of this beautiful white bridge that stretches over a pond.  I didn’t think much of it.  We approached the bridge and all the girls just stopped… I looked at them.  Then Steph said “Lacy walk out on that bridge so I can take a picture of you and make it my background” (classic).  That’s when I knew, and everything happened so fast.  The girls looked at me glowing with smiles and said “go, go!”  So I turned and walked.  The moment I stepped on the left side of the bridge, Trevor started walking up the right side.  I slightly fell over and grabbed the rail for a quick second and looked back at my friends as if to say “IS THIS REAL RIGHT NOW”.  He was wearing a shirt I bought him.  We met exactly in the middle.  He had tears in his eyes.  I couldn’t feel my body.  He said a few sweet words that I’ll never forget, then got down on one knee.  Just like he did four years ago.  Then he asked me to MARRY HIM!!!!


I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening as it happened because I was just so over the moon excited/shocked.  I said yes of course yes yes yes!  Well, he opened a box holding the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and put it on my finger.  Then he picked me up and hugged me and my face had this weird look on it because I was crying and laughing and smiling and a thousand other things all at the same time.  The next second, all my friends, and a few on-lookers, started cheering.  I was overwhelmed by all the love around me.  I had all of my best and most special girl friends near me, and noticed that Scott and Colin (two of my dearest guy friends who made the 7 hour drive down with Trevor) had come out of hiding and were there to celebrate as well.  It was just incredible and I was speechless.

We all went out for dinner in the city that evening.  I will never forget the sweet memories made and all the love I felt on that day.  I am so very grateful to God for Trev and the chance to do life with him forever and for my precious friends.

Photos by Grace King