Lacy and Slater

how we met

We met at a party with mutual friends, 5 years ago in 2015. Our mutual friend helped bring us together to hangout casually after that. And then we went on a few dates.

how they asked

We went to a Christmas party on December 21st, at our friends house. It was a white elephant party so I had just had a turn and picked a gift. It was his turn next and that’s when he got down on one knee in front of all of our friends! It was a surprise in the moment but I had a few hints in the week prior. He had asked me if I was going to get my nails done before Christmas (which he usually doesn’t care about) so that made me think he might do it on Christmas Day. He said he had the ring for 5 months just trying to wait for the right time. He loves halloween and we were planning on going to Halloween horror nights at at universal studios, where he was planning on proposing there but we didn’t end up having a chance to go.

Special Thanks

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park
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