Lacy and Kevin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kevin's house

Kevin and I are high school sweethearts. It was 2010 and I was a sophomore tennis player and he was a senior football player when we met at a hometown football. It was the only game I attended that year and my friend begged me to go.I have always been a hopeless romantic when it comes to high school sweethearts because my grandparents are high school sweethearts and they have been married 60 years. I have always admired their love for each other and have looked up to them in so many ways, but never thought I would ever find a high school sweet heart of my own. I never cared to be into the “it” crowd in school and I didn’t really date. That is, until I found Kevin. It was love at first sight for Kevin but I will admit not for me (shhhh). I was immature and young and never thought it would work out. After a few months I tried to end things but Kevin never gave up on me.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kevin's house

He insisted he wasn’t letting me go. Two years later when I was a senior in high school I was going through The most unimaginable thing: My dad was sadly dying of Cancer and right then in there in our living room for Christmas, Kevin asked my dad for his permission to give me a promise ring. He promised my dad he would take care of me and be there for me in all the ways my Dad knew he wouldn’t be able to be anymore. My dad said yes and in that exact moment I knew I had the greatest man. 4 years later he continued to fulfill that promise to my dad and proposed to me on His 23rd birthday. He told me he chose that day because I am the best birthday present he will ever receive. Here’s to high school sweethearts and forever love ❤️

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