Lacy and Elias

How We Met

Me and Elias net in the 6th grade and we were friends throughout school. In high school, we were in the same swim/diving team. Our friendship grew and we finally dated our senior year in high school. We both moved hours away from home to a town where we k ew no one but each other and attended Stephen F. Austin State University together.

How They Asked

Throughout our eight-year relationship, we always talked about marriage and where our lives would go. But through our relationship, Elias would always tell me “I’ll ask you to marry me when I graduate.” He would always say how he wanted to be able to get through college first. Well, l on May 13, 2017, at his graduation he decided that he did not want to wait any longer. As soon as he walked off the stage after he graduated, surrounded by our friends and family, he kneeled down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Where to Propose in Stephen F. Austin State University Graduation

I remember him stating “Lacy I promised to marry you after I graduated, and I can’t wait any moment longer… Will you marry me?” And of course, I said yes!! After eight years with my best friend, I was finally going to be his wife. On September 22, 2018, we tied the knot!