Lacey and Bryan's Sunset Proposal on Friday the 13th

How we met: From the moment I met Bryan, I knew that he was the man of my dreams. We spent our first full day we met hanging out in Mammoth Lakes, CA and ended up snowboarding together from beginning to the end. Every story that we shared that day to one another seemed like we were the exact same person. We both valued living life as much as possible. Travel, yoga, backpacking, the ocean, snowboarding, hiking and anything outdoors.


Just two months after we met, we packed up our backpacks and flew over to the Napali Coast on the island of Kauai. Three days and three nights living with Bryan in a tent, the only things we owned on our backs, was one of the most inspiring, romantic and overwhelming trips of my life. We both knew that we were falling in love, and that life was going to be different from that trip on. I trusted him, looked up to him, and wanted to spend every adventure of my life with him. Fast forward two years, and we are living together in our dream house on the beach of San Clemente with our newest “fur child” Sammy Shorkie. We are still living each day as much as possible, but now we get to do it together!


how they asked: There is no better thing to share with someone other than a sunset. Bryan and I make sure to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean as much as we can. On Friday the 13th 2014, we had a full moon. Something that won’t happen again until 2049. Since Bryan and I started dating on the 13th, and I was born on the 13th, this day has always brought us luck! We decided to make this Friday the 13th a date night, yet this was nothing that I expected. Bryan told me to be ready at 7:40pm, and I was so excited for a fun night together. He started driving towards the popular surf spot of 204s, and I knew that the sunset was on our agenda. We went to the top of the hill overlooking the beaches of San Clemente and for some reason, the spot was empty. We were the only people who got to sit on our blanket and watch the sunset on this special day. As soon as the sun started to descend, Bryan asked me to stand up. I was so confused but did so anyways. As soon as I stood up, I saw Bryan on his knee. I just started crying knowing that we were about to start the biggest adventure of our lives so far. I can’t wait to watch every sunset with him for the rest of my life.