Lacey and Taylor

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How We Met

I work at a small hometown restaurant in Logan, UT called the Crepery, where I work with my good friend Mica. Mica and I have been friends since 5th grade and all throughout high school. Now we are both students are Utah State University as well as work associates. One day Mica said to me, “Lacey I really want to take out your friend Callie, but I guarantee the only way she will go out with me is if we go on a double date. So pick one of my friends and I’ll tell him to ask you out so you two can be my wing men, and then me and Callie will live happily ever after”.

Sitting in the back room at work, I scroll through a plethora of social media handles deciding which one of Mica’s friends I wanted to take out, little did I know I was scrolling for my future husband, I chose Taylor. Before we knew it the date was planned and we were driving from Logan to meet in the middle in Salt Lake City (Taylor lived in Provo, 2 hours away from Logan).

Long story short, mine and Taylor’s date together went the opposite direction of Mica and Callie’s. Callie and Mica today claim that it was the worst date they’ve ever been on, and ever since Taylor and I have done all we could to see each other. We spent the holidays together and every weekend, sometimes even meet half way during the week. Before we knew it, not only did we fall in love, but became best friends.

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how they asked

I got a call from Taylor during the week saying we need to take some pictures this weekend cause he was feeling super “lovey dovey and wanted to post a picture of us on social media” but he didn’t have any. Me being a the girl I am, of course I wanted more pictures to look at of me and the man of my dreams, so I didn’t think anything of it, So that weekend, Taylor drives up to Logan, Saturday comes along and he tells me to get ready for those pictures, Our friend Mica had suggested a pretty place and he dropped us a pin for us to find it. Before I knew it we were standing in a lush green field listening to country music laughing at our awkward poses with his GoPro.

Taylor and Lacey_5

Then, I heard a helicopter off in the distance, I looked at Taylor in awe and just start laughing of joy. Suddenly the helicopter is landing but 10 ft away from us and waving us to get in. We hop in the helicopter (no big deal right?) and fly over fields of sunflowers and green mountains, it was as stunning as you’re imagining yes. 20 minutes later we arrive at a cute little barn with a reflection of our past, pictures hanging from all our trips and memories, roses and an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

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We get out of the helicopter and walk up the steps looking at the photos, tears filled my eyes, I’ve never been so happy in all my life. Taylor kneeled down and asked the question every little girl has been wanting to hear since she can remember, “Lacey Jane, will you marry me?”

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