Lacey and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met the old fashion way on tinder back in 2018! When we first matched we realized we lived less than 3 miles from each other. Literally, we shared the same street. Once Kevin and I were able to meet in person, our whirlwind romance started. I knew Kevin was different because he is so kind, understanding, and patient. He truly is my and everyone we know’s voice of reason. Outside of our similar interests and values, Kevin also does stand up comedy and has in own podcast. And even though I’m the more funny one ;) we have the best laughs together which I think is a very underrated need in any relationship to laugh and love together at all phases of life.

Image 1 of Lacey and Kevin

How They Asked

I had known Kevin wanted to propose for a while. We had looked at rings together as well as talked a lot about our future plans so I was anticipating it happening soon. Kevin really wanted to own this moment and make it something he had 100% control of. Being the type A person I am this was not an easy job. Because he wanted me to be surprised, Kevin made up a “holiday work party” that we had to attend. That way I would be dressed up and he could get me to go anywhere he picked. He went so far as to make a fake invitation and even got his co-workers in on it just in case I ran into them.

Image 6 of Lacey and Kevin

Kevin was very calm the day of the proposal and with the fake invitation, I was definitely thrown off. Before we pulled up to the location, Kevin made a wrong turn and pulled over on the side of the road, and told me we need to have a serious talk. At first, I thought he was sick! But once we got out, I saw that we were at a lookout that showed all of LA lit up.

Image 5 of Lacey and Kevin

Kevin went to grab my hand and start telling me why we were there. I saw our friend Gabe (who does professional photography) come over from my right side and I knew exactly what was happening! Kevin chose 12/1 as a symbol to my dog, who became Kevin and my dog, that had recently passed at the beginning of the year. He said “he was one and we were two and together we made one family,” I thought it was so sweet that he had made our dog a part of the day so much that he even chose a date that symbolized us becoming one.

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Special Thanks

Gabe Shaddow
 | Photographer