Lacey and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I met in 2015 at our junior college. We were taking the same Anthropology Lab but on different days. My class was on Monday and Dylan’s was on Wednesday. Sadly, one of my best friends Dad had passed away a few days before I had met Dylan. Because of this, I went to her Dad’s memorial that Monday and asked my professor how to make up the class I missed. She told me not to worry and to come on Wednesday. Wednesday morning rolled around and I did not want to get out of bed (it was an 8 am class.. I should have known he was a morning person haha my class on Monday was at 1 pm) Anyway, I walked in but didn’t want to steal anyone’s seat so I walked over to Dylan’s desk and asked if someone sat next to him. He told me that his friend sat there but that he would pull up a seat for me. I thought nothing of this and sat down. This is when I noticed just how cute he was! Dylan wasn’t easy to talk to though and was super shy at first. I had to keep questioning him until finally, we started to talk, and we continued to do so the whole entire class getting no work done. Meanwhile, Dylan’s friend had completed his work and left us to continue flirting lol. After class Dylan and I walked to our cars together and said bye like we had been friends for years.

On my way home I called my best friend and told her all about the super cute guy I had just met. She asked if I got his number or anything and I hadn’t, but for some reason wasn’t worried about not talking to him again. I guess I just knew somehow we would connect.

Thankfully Dylan found me on Twitter and messaged me about my classes. Two days later we went on our first date and the rest is history! Needless to say, there is no doubt in my mind that we were supposed to meet that day, and eventually, choose to spend forever together.

How They Asked

Dylan and I love to make bets with each other (I win most of them) and that is how this whole weekend started! I won a silly bet between the two of us and because of this I told him he had to plan our four year anniversary… little did I know I gave him the perfect opportunity to plan the best day of my life! He kept everything a surprise until we got into the car, and then he finally told me we were going wine tasting in Ojai, CA. He told me he had the whole day planned out with reservations at every place. He also told me the plan was to go to three winery’s and at each winery, we were going to make a toast (I would do the first and he would take on the last two.) The first winery was Ojai Vineyard. We had so much fun tasting, laughed the whole time, and I gave my little toast. It was simple but explained our last four years together perfectly. The next winery, Topa Mountain, was beautiful! We walked in and both ordered a glass of wine, and then found a perfect place to sit.

Lacey's Proposal in Topa Mountain Winery

Where to Propose in Topa Mountain Winery

Lacey and Dylan's Engagement in Topa Mountain Winery

After a little while I got up to use the restroom and when I got back the best surprise of my life happened. As I was walking back to our seats Dylan stood up, handed me my glass of wine, and said he was ready to give his toast. He told me how the last four years have been the best he has ever had, and how he can’t wait for the rest of our lives together. At the end, he said he said he had a surprise for me and made me turn around with my hands covering my eyes. When he finally told me to turn around.. he was holding A GOLDEN DOODLE PUPPY!! It was love at first sight and I was so overwhelmed.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Topa Mountain Winery

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Topa Mountain Winery

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Topa Mountain Winery

Proposal Ideas Topa Mountain Winery

Then Dylan told me to read his name tag. It said, “Will you marry us?” That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!! Even though it was all such a blur, this was all so perfect. With the cutest puppy in hand, we ditched our full glasses of wine and headed to the next winery, Old Creek Ranch. When we got there I had one more surprise in store for me. It was all of our friends and family waiting to celebrate with us!

I still can’t believe this moment and how my now fiancé pulled all of this off! It was hands down the best day of my life!

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