Lacey and Brennen

How We Met

In 2015 I turned in an application to work at Andy’s Frozen Custard in Fayetteville, AR for some extra cash. Never to imagine I would meet the love of my life. We worked together, adventured together (coined our own term “Travel Tuesday”) and learned to love each other. Brennen was not too sure that he could handle me and most told us we if we ever had kids they would explode because Brennen and I are both very energetic and outgoing people. Following graduation for me in 2017, Brennen stayed behind and finished his last semester of school. We made long distance work, then he joined me in Hot Springs, AR; because we couldn’t wait to be together again! After 6 months in Hot Springs Brennen left for his next adventure to Air Force Basic Training.

How They Asked

Brennen and I spent 9 weeks communicating via handwritten letters and 3 phone calls which were absolutely priceless to us. When we met face to face again at graduation we both knew there was no way we could ever not love each other. Brennen asked his older brother to design a ring and help with the surprise proposal. (This all happened over a phone call) Traditionally at BMT graduation, there is a “tap out” procedure to display organized dismissal, but for Brennen, it was the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and express his love and promise to be soulmates forever. We realized our dreams and plan to accomplish them together!

Special Thanks

David+Drew Photography
 | Photographer