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It was June twenty-third. I woke up to a beautiful summer morning and started to get ready for a day with my soon-to-be fiancé Asafe and his amazing family. Our plans were to go on a private tour of the USS SAMPSON war ship down in San Diego thanks to our neighbor who was a caption of it. Before we left, Asafe made sure that I knew to bring a “pretty dress and heels” with me to change into because we were “meeting up with some friends for diner” in La Jolla after we spent the day touring the ship. Me being the oblivious girl that I am, thought nothing of it and brought a pretty little black dress and my new strappy wedges. After our tour, us and the family decided to take a quick little drive to the beautiful Coronado Island and check out the famous “Hotel Del Coronado.” We walked around and took a few pictures with the hotel and the beach in the backround. The day was absolutely perfect and beautiful! One thing I noticed was that Asafe kept checking his watch nervously. I know that he really likes to be on time so I thought he was just making sure that we weren’t late meeting up with our friends… at that point I realized that I didn’t even know who we were meeting up with! I decided to ask him as we were on our way to meet up with our “friends,”

“Babe, who exactly are we meeting up with?” He replied nervously, “Uh just some friends you haven’t met yet.” Then I knew something was up because I’ve met all of his friends! At least the ones that live in southern California.

We finally got to La Jolla and I was all freshened up and feeling pretty in my dress and heels. He opened my car door for me and told me that we were a little early and that we should walk down to the cove and check out the waves and the seals who like to go there as the sun sets. As we were making our way down there, he seemed to get more nervous by the minute and he was checking his phone what seemed like every second. I knew something was up. He got one more text message and then said, “Hey lets go down to the rocks and check it out!” (Never mind the fact that I was in heels.) When we finally made it down to the rocks where the beautiful waves crash, he got one last text message then told me “Oh wow! Turn around and look at the seal behind you!” I quickly turned around to see the cute little seal, and as I turned back around he was on his knee with the sweetest smile on his face. I immediately started to cry. At that moment all these memories of all that him and I had been through began to flood into my mind. From the first time that I met him at In N’ Out (yes I know that’s cheesy), to our first date that we had on his birthday. The first time he hugged me out in the rain, our first kiss… to all the pain and heartbreak we went through for a season. We’ve been through hell and back, we went through things that were designed to tear us apart, but instead we came out stronger and we never gave up on each other. Those were all the things that let me know that he was it. He was the one that my heart was searching for. And in that moment everything we went through was so worth it. It was a dream come true to see the man that I cant live without on bended knee asking me to be his for forever. Of course I said YES!

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He also had another surprise. The person he was texting was our amazing photographer Jenna. He arranged for her to follow us around and secretly take pictures and then have our engagement pictures taken afterwards. It was a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about having a proposal by the beach, but what he did was 100 times more amazing than I could ever have dreamed of. I’m a lucky girl, and I thank God for bringing Asafe to me to be my best friend and husband for the rest of my life.

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Photos by Jenna Joseph Photography