LA and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met in 2008 while freshmen at Lafayette College. Brandon was very quiet and laid back. I, on the other hand, was extremely loud and energetic. In fact, when we first met, I was the one who initiated conversation. We started as close friends for the first 2 years of school and shared a love of football. Brandon was a corner back on Lafayette’s Division I football team and I never missed an opportunity to cheer him on. We began dating junior year on September 24, 2010.

After graduating from Lafayette College, I returned home to Brooklyn, NY where I began teaching, while Brandon returned to Norristown, PA working in Finance with Johnson & Johnson. After 3 1/2 years of long distance (in several different locations) and 5 1/2 years of dating, Brandon finally decided to pop the question!

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how they asked

Brandon and I were on their way to a “networking event” in NYC on Saturday March 19th, 2016. Or so I thought. On the way, I was looking forward to meeting some of Brandon’s grad school colleagues, but Brandon had a different idea.

Walking to the “event,” we passed a beautiful park in the Lower East side. Brandon suggested that we check it out while waiting for his friends. After entering the park, a lady asked us if we could watch her dog while she ran into a store across the street. I thought this request was a bit strange and reluctantly agreed.

Brandon began to open the dogs’ bag, and I (still clueless) screamed, “Why are you opening the lady’s stuff?” Brandon proceeded to pull Bentley out of the bag. I read, “Will you marry me?” on Bentley’s collar and immediately realized what was happening. After 5 1/2 years, it was finally happening! I couldn’t help but cry while the entire event was being photographed.

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