L J and Cindy

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How We Met

We actually met in a manner I had no desire for…eharmony. I wasn’t keen on the whole online dating deal, but I was new to Florida and one of my boys had really been pushing me to meet new people (women specifically). He knew I was a loner, and in one evening conversation he brought up online dating. I disregarded it for a few weeks, but one evening I was home alone thinking over life, and I heard his voice in my head.

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I took that to mean I should at least see what it is and how it works. I ended up finding Match.com, and it turned out to be what I didn’t want in online dating so I closed the account. However, I did look around and remembered the eHarmony commercials, so I figured I’d try. That was on October 15, 2017. On October 18, I got a smile notification, so I smiled back. When I checked the profile, this gorgeous smile appeared, I liked what I read…plus she was a Latin queen! I love all things Latin cultures.

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Needless to say, I asked her on a date shortly after and took her out on October 31. We began seeing each other as often as our crazy schedules would allow up until Thanksgiving. I had to fly home for the holidays, and that was our turning point for me. While home, I asked my mom for the ring she had been holding for me. I told her and my dad I truly believed the Lord had sent me the one. They gave me a much-deserved talking and prayed with me about it.

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how they asked

When I returned back to Florida, I held the ring for three months, up until my desired date of February 13, one day before my birthday….and the rest is history.

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