Kyse and Julianna

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

How We Met

Kyse and I met a few years ago through my best friend Niko, they were room mates at the time and the night Niko introduced us she said “one of you girls needs to marry my cousin – he is the nicest guy ever!” We all ended up hanging out together and I thought it would be funny to steal Kyses’s favourite Hawaiian shirt and send him photos of me in the shirt doing random things all over the city. His response to my shirt stealing was to buy a tarantula (my biggest fear) and prank me with it… causing me to HATE him and block him for an entire month! Fast forward and eventually I got over it, Kyse asked me to come over and help him make an arts and crafts project to cheer up Niko who was having a tough week. Little did I know that from that night on Kyse and I would be inseparable, we talked about things I’d never talked with anyone about and connected in a way I never knew possible! He became one of my best friends… and I definitely did make him work for it to make things official – still not sure if Niko was serious when she said for someone to marry her cousin – but here we are!

how they asked

Kyse had asked me to book a few days off from work for our 2 year anniversary so we could get away and celebrate. He’d booked a surprise location and it ended up being Harrison Hot Springs! We had the most romantic couples spa night and the next morning after breakfast he suggested we go for a walk, but I was being a total brat and had other plans – so much so that I literally said to Kyse “why won’t you let me do anything I want to do today?!” (I’m surprised he still followed through with the proposal after that!) Eventually we got out of the hotel room and walked along the lake and to the dock. I was so clueless as we approached the beautiful set up at the end of the dock that I didn’t realize what was happening until I read the sign that said “let’s go a lifetime of adventures” and I immediately started to cry and laugh simultaneously! It still doesn’t feel real that I get to marry my best friend!

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