Kyrstyn and Brett

Image 1 of Kyrstyn and Brett

How We Met

Brett and I met in December of 2015 in Danville, VA while we were both Christmas shopping. I was spending the day shopping with friends when we walked into the Hallmark store. While waiting in the checkout line I noticed Cousin Eddy’s RV from “Christmas Vacation” as a Christmas decoration and I had to take a picture and send it to my family. My brother proceeded to text quotes from “Christmas Vacation” and made my phone sound repeatedly. I don’t normally have my phone off silent, but that day I did. I also happen to have it sound on this really obnoxious text tone that sounds like the horn that’s played during a fox hunt. This helped to catch Brett’s attention and gave him a topic to talk about to me. He was cracking jokes and just being funny. We talked for a little bit, then he left with his friend and I went over to mine. My friends came up to me and were like, “He was totally flirting with you!” I told them no (I need a sign to tell me when someone is flirting) and then next thing I know he’s coming back and asking me for my number. The rest, as they say is history…

how they asked

On August 6, 2016 Brett and I had been shopping in Roanoke, VA. I had been suspecting something was coming before hand because of hints that Brett had been dropping. (Much like my father and brother, Brett gets too excited for surprises) That day Brett had convinced me that a proposal was not going to happen yet, so I became disappointed. As they were leaving the mall he had me wait outside of the car because he said that it was too hot yet.

Image 2 of Kyrstyn and Brett

He had me hand him the items we had gotten and as he put those things in the car he reached in and brought out my surprise saying “By the way I brought your surprise with me.” Brett opened up the box and got down on one knee and I didn’t even let him finish asking before I got down to hug him. As I was hugging him he said “Wait, I still need an answer!” Of course I said yes.

Image 3 of Kyrstyn and Brett