Kyrstannie and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I had first met online in high school when I was just 16. At one point he did live maybe 10-15 minutes away from me; we had mutual friends but I never met him in person when he did live in the area. He moved 400 miles away but we kept in contact through email daily. We didn’t consider ourselves dating or even romantically involved- we went on with our day to day lives and a year and a half later, finally met in person. After graduation, he had moved up from Southern California to work for his family and I decided to move in with him.

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how they asked

I always told Jake I wanted it to be a private affair. He’s a very introverted person and I wanted him to be comfortable when it came to asking me. I didn’t want a show; I wanted him to ask the moment it felt right. When we originally moved in together, he had given me a promise ring with a white sapphire he had picked out and I didn’t want anything different for my engagement ring! It was too unique that nothing in my mind was going to top it.

On November 14th, 2015 we arrived home after lunch. We ended up talking in the car for a good 10 minutes; or I ended up talking I should say! For whatever reason I felt the need to spill my heart out and say how I felt about him and recent changes in our lives and how I looked forward to a future with him. He asked me, “Are you done?”, and thinking he was fed up with my constant rambling I just said “Yes”. He came around to open the door for me, asked me to stand up, got down on one knee and said “Kyrstannie Rose Day will you marry me?”

Of course I said yes! Through the tears (happy of course!) he held me for quite some time and I asked why in that moment he chose to propose. All he said to me was, “The moment was right. You said how you honestly felt and that’s all I was waiting for.” Image 2 of Kyrstannie and Jacob

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Special Thanks

Ginny Silver
 | Photographer