Kyrie Elieson and Ian

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How We Met

We met in the fall of 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Nothing came of the night beside a great conversation. A few weeks later we noticed we had some of our classes in the welding shop at the same time. One day we had met walking into the shop together and we flirted the whole way down and I got so twitterpated, I missed a step and I fell, and did the splits he caught my forearm, I was so embarrassed. I grabbed the railing and he helped me back up, he helped me pick my stuff up. As he opens the door to the shop he chuckles and says that now that I saved your life, you owe me dinner. Ha ever since then he has never stopped making me smile and laugh. We graduated together from the welding program in 2016.

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This May 2020 we were in a pretty bad car accident, and he saved my life again. We were on our way home with our dogs and a lady ran her very red light in front of us and we in our truck plowed into her passenger side. I slammed into the windshield on impact, Ian swung his arm out (like parents do when they slam on their car breaks <3) he tried to keep me from going into the windshield, but I went up and over his arm and the airbags. When I hit the windshield and pushed it out, Ian reached out and pulled me back to him to stop me from going through the windshield. We have been in a slow but eye-opening recovery. I adore him and his family and friends because they have all loved me and taken care of me as one of their own. I keep telling everyone I finally get to be what I’ve always wanted to be! Your wife! :) <3 He’s been my bestfriend and has held my hand through so many old, new, and blue things. Now on our wedding day, his mother gifted me her mother’s earrings, and I can’t wait to hold his hand through some borrowed things too.

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How They Asked

Last fall 2019 Ian’s father found out he has cancer, and for the last 30 years, he’s taken the family to Alaska for fishing trips. But for the last 6 years, we have all been on the move and he and the family haven’t been able to make it up there. So when the news came in last fall, it was a blow to everyone and we wanted to make sure we made another trip before he couldn’t travel. So we booked our trip at the beginning of the year and went this summer 2020.

So this July Ian had taken me to Alaska for a little over a week and a half with his family. We fished every day we were there, rain or shine. This was the first time I have ever seen the ocean or been to the beach. We had the best time out on the ocean fishing for halibut, and it was great catching our salmon on the rivers. On the morning of July 23rd, the family was all getting ready for our second day of touring and we were headed to Homer, AK for the day. That morning I had gotten out of the shower and was finishing getting ready. Ian came into the room and said it was going to be sunny for the first time in a few days, so even though I was beautiful every day, I could wear something pretty instead of rain gear, and kissed me on the forehead and walked out.<3 (: I finished getting ready and we all piled into the car and we headed to Homer Spit, AK. We stopped at a few tourist sites along our way there, and there was one with telescopes just on the outside of Homer, AK.

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We got outtake pictures of the scenery, and the gorgeous flowers they have everywhere. Ian walked me over to the telescopes and told me to look through it and that I should be able to see Homer Spit, AK. He positioned it for me, I looked through it for a minute or two. Then when I was standing back up, Ian grabbed my left hand and looked at me and I was just looking to see what he was doing, and that’s when I saw the ring box. All I could say was OH MY GOSH! I completely ugly cried and of course, I said YES! I was shaking and in this crazy almost disbelief, than he!

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My bestfriend! Just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since. I constantly whisper or blurt out that “WE’RE ENGAGED BUD!” I was completely surprised of his plans but his family had known the whole month prior. The best part that makes it us, is his funny but loving comments he made after the engagement that makes me laugh, roll my eyes, and fall that much more for him. When we had gotten to the restaurant in Homer, he jokingly said that “I knew that you would say yes, but I had to make sure you could catch your fish.”:) (: We brought home almost 200 pounds of fish and I couldn’t be happier that I picked a bestfriend, a hard-working man, and a someone that does anything just to see me smile.

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