Kyri and Dimitri

How We Met

One day I decided to take a stab at online dating. I made my profile on my phone while on the bus from NYC going to visit my friend in Philly. There were some back and forth exchanges between a few people but nothing that had really stuck out, except for one! Once I got to Philly, I decided that maybe I didn’t want to put my energy towards this dating app. But I gave this one person my contact info and explained that I was deleting my account. Well he reached out and it’s probably the best stab at online dating I think anyone could ask for!

how they asked

I love doing yoga. I teach on the side and I often travel, so when mixed with a beautiful location makes great photo opportunities. I usually set up my phone somewhere and put the self timer or video on so I can catch my good shots afterwards. I try to get Dimitri to do some partner yoga with me sometimes, which he doesn’t love, but still participates in anyway. Over the summer, Dimitri moved from our apartment to a town outside of Portland, Maine, because he got an offer to a dream job. It hasn’t been the easiest, but we’ve still managed to see each other almost every other weekend. This particular weekend was unusually warm, and we went to a local beach by him — called Fortune’s Rock Beach. We made sandwiches and sat on a blanket. It was gorgeous and there weren’t very many people on the beach. He knew I was going to take out my phone and start the video so he suggested we do some yoga (which was a little unexpected, but I didn’t think anything of it). Before I went to go turn the camera off, he said “wait, let’s do one more pose,” and got down on his knee. We later joked that it was the proPOSE. Also being a huge NE Patriots fan, he joked that the date was perfect because it was 12/12/15 (12 is QB Tom Brady’s number and 15 is another Superbowl winning year).

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