Kyra and Tyler

Image 1 of Kyra and Tyler

How We Met

It all started on a spring evening at the end of my freshman year at Elon University. I was hanging out in a friend’s dorm room when Tyler appeared in the doorway and hung out with us for a while. We didn’t see each other again until fall semester of sophomore year when our friend groups started hanging out regularly. One night, Tyler and I went to a party and ended up talking the entire night. I loved how comfortable and at ease he made me feel, and I was really excited about the fact that he is still taller than me even when I wear heels! Soon after, Tyler began talking to my best friend at Elon (and now Maid of Honor) Spencer about how to “woo” me, which I was oblivious about. One infamous night, while Spencer and I were at Scarowinds in Charlotte, she basically told me I was ridiculous for not giving Tyler a chance. A week later, Tyler walked me back to my dorm at 2 o’clock in the morning and said, “Will you just please be my girlfriend?” Luckily for him, I agreed ;) That was October 20, 2011, so we will be getting married one day after our six-year dating anniversary! Tyler and I have experienced the crazy college years, graduation in 2014, long-distance dating for a year, moving in together in Richmond, Va. in 2015, and so much more. We have traveled to the Bahamas, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and the Philippines together, and we are the parents of three adorable cats who make us laugh and keep us from killing each other. I’m so grateful to get to spend my life with Tyler and to be accepted into the amazing Molinaro family!

how they asked

Tyler’s family is originally from Kingston, N.Y., but they have lived in several different countries (France and Austria) while Tyler’s dad, Joe, took on various positions at IBM. Currently, Tyler’s dad is working in Manila, Philippines, so Tyler and I (along with his mom, Vicky) decided to go visit Joe this past summer. Since Joe and Vicky had just had their 25th wedding anniversary, Joe treated the four of us to a weekend excursion at the incredible El Nido Resorts on Lagen Island in Palawan, where each couple stayed in a luxurious “hut” on the lagoon looking out into the ocean. The day we arrived, we explored the resort and went swimming before going back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. Tyler told me to dress up because his parents wanted to take pictures by the water. But first, I asked him to take a picture of me on the balcony of our hut. He took a few and I, of course, didn’t like any of them. He took one more and said “How about this one?” I replied, “I guess it’s fine.” Then he said, “I know something that can make it better,” pulled out a beautiful diamond ring, and asked me to marry him!

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Seeing as Tyler was holding the ring about an inch from my face, I was a bit taken aback and had no clue what was going on at first. Once it sank in what was happening, I said yes and immediately started crying. Meanwhile, I heard a “Woooo!” come from the front door – I guess Joe and Vicky had been listening the whole time ;) After that, we took gorgeous sunset pictures on the jetty and then enjoyed a bottle of champagne with dinner. The whole weekend was absolutely incredible, and I’m so incredibly thankful to Tyler and his parents for pulling off such an amazing surprise for me!

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