Kyra and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met in December of 2012, Christmas Day to be exact. I was a sophomore in high school and Kyle was a junior in high school. We became best friends and he finally asked me to be his girl on February 9, 2013.

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

how they asked

OK OK OK I have told this story so many times and I will never get tired of it. Kyle and I went on a trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona in May of 2017. We had been planning and saving for this trip for a year. Little did I know, Kyle was doing extra planning for this trip without me knowing… sneaky. Kyle suggested for us to get all dressed up super fancy in all 3 locations to go on a fancy date and take adorable pictures by Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, and Parc de la Ciutadella. The planning for the proposal started by arriving in Paris, France. PARIS, FRANCE!?? YES! Anyways, we had just arrived to Paris by a train from London and we had 30 minutes to put our bags in our rooms. The weather was looking terrible all four days we were there, except for the first two hours after our arrival. We didn’t have time to go on a dinner date, so we booked it up to our hotel rooms and got ready and met back down at the lobby ready to go. I have never gotten ready so fast in my life! We were with 30 college kids and we were in very fancy clothes ready to go take pictures..but our tour director wanted to show the outside of Notre Dame first. I was fine with it, Notre Dame is beautiful and I wanted Kyle to see it. Kyle was in panic mode because we could see the dark clouds rolling in. He told our tour director that we needed to go take pictures and that we needed to get on the tube to the Eiffel Tower ASAP. (She knew he was asking). We ran from the tube to the Eiffel Tower and we realized we were way to close to capture the whole tower in the pictures. Kyle was freaking out even more now because the dark clouds were right above us. We had to go through security to get on the other side of the tower, where the grass was. We started taking pictures and then we stopped and Kyle got down on his knee and asked me to marry him right in front of the Eiffel Tower. <3 So. Romantic. A random French guy came and gave us champagne right after he proposed and we made a toast! Not even 3 minutes later the rain came down the hardest I have ever seen. That’s good luck, right? The rest is history!

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