Kyra and Krishawn

How We Met

This part is pretty short and all I can say is “ ANSWER THE DM!” :)

How They Asked

Krishawn worked with my friend (and who I call my personal family photographer lol) ) Rayvon for TWO months to plan this huge surprise for the proposal. I told Krishawn how much I wanted to get engaged during a photo shoot (without anyone else around) because I wanted it to be intimate but I still wanted us to get great pictures of the moment. For our anniversary in December, he scheduled a photo shoot and I thought he was going to propose then and he DIDN’T! I was so shocked and disappointed because I just KNEW he was going to propose then.

A few months later, Valentine’s weekend rolls around and he tells me that he is taking me to a formal event for his fraternity so I have to get all dressed up and he made sure I got my nails done the day before by getting his mom involved too! The day of the proposal he made me get ready THREE HOURS before we even needed to leave to make sure I was ready on time because “I take forever to get ready” in his words. We finally leave the house around 3 and the whole time all I was worried about was the food we would be eating at the event LOL.

Where to Propose in Harry P. Leu Gardens

We arrive at the Leu Gardens in Winter Park and walk towards the gazebo area and he stops me before we get there and tells me that we aren’t going to a formal event with his fraternity and that he actually had a special private dinner planned for us. He then hands me a blindfold and takes my arm to walk me towards what I think is the dinner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Harry P. Leu Gardens

Proposal Ideas Harry P. Leu Gardens

Once I take off the blindfold I see my friend Rayvon with her camera AND a videographer and on the ground in front of me are tons of balloons, wine, candies, and the words “Marry Me” and I start crying almost instantly. When I turn around he’s down on one knee with the ring box in his hand. He asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES!! Best Valentine’s weekend EVER!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Rayvon Griffin
 | Photographer
Raye Davenport
 | Videographer