Kyra and Brian

How We Met

We met online. Our first date was at a cupcake shop in Phoenix, AZ.

How They Asked

Around April 2016, Brian and Kyra began chatting online, however, their first official date was May 21, 2016. They decided to meet at a cupcake shop in Phoenix. The conversation and interaction were very organic. While enjoying each other’s company, they headed over to Scottsdale for dinner at Grimaldi’s. After dinner, they remained in the Scottsdale area walking and talking, found a bench and chatted the night away. Their first date was easily 6 hours…or more. There wasn’t a day that went by, that they don’t text, speak or at least see each other. After the first few dates, Kyra knew this was different. Brian will deny it, but he knew from the start this was different too. The week before the proposal, Kyra and Brian’s friends texted them and invited them out to dinner for a big announcement. Kyra is extremely nosey, so all week she was trying to figure out the big news. January 6, 2018, arrived and Kyra was still asking a million questions. We arrived at one of Kyra’s favorite restaurants, Bobby Q in Mesa. We walked into the restaurant and informed the hostess we were meeting friends already in the restaurant and gave her the party name.

The hostess responded, “it will be about 15-20 minutes”. Kyra tried to stay calm amid the confusion of our party being partially seated and the prolonged wait time and luckily the woman didn’t make them wait, instead, she led them to the patio. As soon as Kyra walked in, the first people she saw was her mommy and daddy. Her parents, sands and a good friend flew in from Detroit, Dallas and all of Kyra and Brian’s AZ family and friends were there to celebrate their love story. Once Kyra gained composure, Brian pulled her to the front of the room and in front of their loved ones asked Kyra to be his wife!

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