Kyndra and Matthew

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How We Met

We met when we were 17 years old at a homeschool volleyball game. We played on opposite teams at the time. We barely talked, but I thought he was cute so I stole his number from one of my friend’s phones and texted him later that night. We texted off and on, but he had a girlfriend at the time so nothing really came of it. He ended up breaking up with his girlfriend later on that spring. One day when I was getting off work as a lifeguard later that summer he texted me out of the blue to come hang out at a worship night at his church later that night. I decided to go and dragged along one of my friends so it was less awkward. He didn’t talk to me all night so when I was getting ready to leave, I went up and gave him a hug. It was the most awkwardest hug of our lives! He stepped on my foot and we both leaned the same way. I had asked one of his friends that night if he was dating one and she had said no. I didn’t think much about it, but she ended up telling him I asked and he texted me the next day that he Definitely did not have a girlfriend! We ended up texting everyday from that day forward and went on our first date within the next month. We had been dating for 2 and 1/2 years when he told me randomly that he was being called into the mission field and would be gone for 10 months. After much prayer and seeking, he decided to go. He left July of 2017 and was gone for 85 days. I saw him for a week in October then he left for 201 days. He lived in Uganda and Kenya for six months. Our long distance distance was one of the hardest things we had done as couple, but we both came out stronger because of it.

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how they asked

He had been home for two weeks and I knew he had plans to propose. I had an idea that he would be proposing soon, but I just wasn’t sure when. We had our whole Saturday planned. We went and found him some new clothes to match mine because he insisted on picking out my outfit for the day.

We went to a graduation in the afternoon, then killed time until we could go to dinner. We went to Cattlemen’s steakhouse in OKC for dinner. This place was known in our relationship for us going there when there was special occasions. I didn’t really think anything of it because I knew he had lived in Uganda for so long without good steak. I got kinda suspicious as dinner, but it ended up being a normal dinner so I dropped it.

We went to a nearby lake and decided to watch the sunset in one of our hammocks. I thought maybe this would be the time, but again nothing happened. It finally got dark so we headed home. By this time I was kinda upset because I just had this feeling that he was going to propose today and it didn’t happen. On the car ride home he would barely talk to me and was quiet the whole 30 minute drive. Looking back this should have given me a clue as what was going to happen, but I didn’t think anything of it. He had told me early in the evening he had to call some of the guys from church to talk, but we had both forgot. When we pulled onto my road he remembered he had to call them so he made the call and they said hey we’ll call you back in two minutes.

We pulled into my driveway and he said let’s go dance to end the night. I told him no you have a call coming in two minutes and I’m tired and want to go to bed. He insisted and I insisted that no let’s just go home. He pulled out into our field to the spot where we had had our first kiss and he told me he loved me for the first time. Still I was oblivious and didn’t think anything of it. I heard the song we had always danced to and will be our first dance song at our wedding going: Amazed by Lonestar. We started dancing and I was trying to talk to him, but he wasn’t really saying anything. He starting praying, which wasn’t out of the norm. When he said amen I felt this rush of heat at my calves and all of a sudden this ring of fire starts going around us. He dropped to one knee and asked him if I would be his wife. I honestly blacked out for the next few minutes and can’t tell you much after that. My mom, dad, brother, his brother, our photographer, and his son all came out of the bushes and congratulated us. We took a few more pictures then got to start making calls and texts to loved ones to tell them the great news!

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Special Thanks

Christian Traina
 | Photographer