Kyndel and Landon

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how they asked

Landon told me he was going out of town for the weekend, and sent me photos of the scenery from his “trip”. My girlfriends invited me on a girls night out. They came over and tried to get me to get all dressed up, and my mom picked up our dog so he wouldn’t be at the house alone. On the way down to La Jolla my friends brought up the idea that we could have a sunset drink at Champagne beach, which is a cute private beach Landon and I like to bring our dog, Oly. I thought that was a great idea, but said maybe we should get champagne at La Valencia (a gorgeous hotel) instead. They talked me out of it and we went to the beach with champs. Little did I know, Landon did not go out of town. He went to stay at his dads so that he could prepare for the proposal (and trick me). I was oblivious the whole time- and I am pretty hard to trick!

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As we got to the beach we climbed down the cliff and I spotted my little dog in the distance. It still hadn’t really hit me, until I saw a photographer hiding behind a rock. Our dog ran up to me and as I walked closer I saw Landon down on a knee. My dog was wearing a shirt that Landon made that said “Look! Dad wants to ask you something!” and MARRY ME was written on the sand in seashells Landon collected.

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Once he popped the question, we had a photo shoot together with our close friends and my brother (who helped Landon set up). After that, I asked to call family, and he said we should wait until after we went for a celebratory glass of champagne at La Valencia. When we walked in, both of our families were there waiting for us. Such a surprise!

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A live band played and we danced the night away. Now we are getting married at that very hotel! He also had special dinner reservations for us after we spent time with our families. It was a perfect, intimate, and thoughtful proposal.

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Special Thanks

Kara Donovan
 | Photographer