Kylinn and Max

How We Met

Max and I knew each other as family friends since we were 8. We always had the BIGGEST crush on each other but of course, a word was never said ;) we stayed in touch through high school and college and ended up dating long distance in college. I was in my PA school rotations in Connecticut and he was living in our hometown of Billings Montana. We cared a lot about each other but the timing and distance just weren’t right.

We went our separate ways and again, would occasionally check-in. In December of 2018, I went through a horrible breakup and little did I know, Max would be back in town on leave two weeks after I went through the breakup. He messaged me asking to get a drink and of course, I said YES! We met up with friends and the rest is history. Seeing him again that night I just knew. I saw that we had both changed and grown so much and we needed to be together again. He went back to Camp Pendleton in California and I stayed in Montana. We ended up dating long distance and this time, it was different. It was right.

How They Asked

Max was deployed in May of 2019 for 7 months. It was the hardest 7 months of our lives. He was on a ship with very minimal communication. Although it was hard, it grew us as individuals and as a couple. Looking back, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Max returned from deployment on November 24, 2019. Two weeks later, we attended the marine corps ball in California which is where he proposed. His friends helped him surprise me and it was an absolute dream.

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